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Over the next 10 weeks we want to encourage you as you pursue the presence of God. Already we are starting to hear stories of how God is using this initiative in the lives of our members and to impact others.

In this first week don’t forget to start the daily devotions. This week we are looking at Psalms 1,3, 4, 11 and 13. Our prayer watches have started and each day from 12-1 someone will be in the prayer room just leading us in a time of waiting on the Lord. Come and join in if you can. Or if you can just do a prayer hotspot wherever you happen to be at lunchtime that would be great. Take some minutes to pray and seek the Lord at your desk or at home or in a coffee shop or wherever.

In our services on Sunday past we looked at the key verse Psalm 27 v 4. We saw how there is a difference between the unconscious presence of God and the conscious presence of God. we can enjoy personal spiritual fellowship with the Lord, wherever we are and that place becomes for us the “house of the Lord”. Just as a dark, harsh environment became that for Jacob in Genesis 28, when he said “Surely then LORD is in this place” (v16). In seeking him we are spending time with him, opening up our lives to His inspection.

In the evening service Pastor Jonny showed us how the presence of God is the antidote to fear, the answer to insecurity and the anchor of true worship. You can listen back to any of these messages on podcast or on our website or through the app Be blessed this week as you pursue the presence of God.