Treasures of the Heart

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I loved how Brian started his sermon last Sunday morning as he preached in NBC. He told the story of ruins that were found in Pompeii. After the city was destroyed by a volcano the city was considered to be completely lost, buried deep underground. But years later, as archaeologists dug deep, they found some ruins. One of the discoveries they found was the remains of a young lady with her feet pointing towards the city gate desperate to get out of the city before it was destroyed. But her arms were pointing back into the city reaching out for a bag of pearls. The question which emerged in my mind as I listened to Brian share this powerful illustration was, “Tim, what are you clinging on to?” What are you treasuring? This lady needed to escape, but she couldn’t let go of that which she treasured and clung to.

What are you clinging to?
What are you treasuring?

On Sunday night we thought a little bit about the heart in Scripture. And we noted that in the Bible the heart is two things: (1) The core of who you are, and (2) The control centre in your life. It is the core – not just your emotions, but your deepest convictions, beliefs, worldview and will. But it is also the control centre. You are not just what you think. Your heart will control your life and will often override your mind.

So what’s your heart clinging to? What is your heart treasuring? What is in the very core of who you are? Whatever your heart is clinging to and treasuring will control your life.

And then we read Psalm 119. A poetic masterpiece. A song of praise to God for His word. And a prophetic call to the nation of Israel – come cling to the word and treasure it in the depths of your heart. For if you do it will control your life – it will keep you on the path of purity, it will fill you with the wisdom of God, and it will form you into godliness, for there you will find life.

And the way to cling to and treasure God’s word in your heart? Meditation. The ancient Biblical practice of succulently chewing on God’s word, letting it sink to the depths of your heart, and letting it spread into every area. This can happen through Scripture memorization. You can meditate through praying over a verse. You can journal and write out a prayer in response to a passage. You can sing Scripture all the while knowing that as you engage in these meditative practices God’s word is sinking and spreading deep into your heart becoming that which you cling to and that which you treasure.

So what’s in your heart today? We pray that this week your heart will be filled with the word of God as you cling to it and treasure it through meditation. Then you will have no problem saying like David ‘One thing I have desired…to dwell in the presence of God…and gaze upon his beauty.’