The Stunning Gift

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I have an elderly friend who spent a lifetime in Christian service. It all started for him when as a teenager he was invited to a Christmas party hosted by a group of enthusiastic young Christians. At the end of it someone shared the real message of Christmas and he became a follower of Jesus. Over 60 years later, he has never forgotten that Christmas party!

He received a STUNNING GIFT

Because most people really dislike the commercialism of Christmas, sadly, many Christians unfortunately just retreat away from it all and lock themselves away in a bubble for a few weeks until the madness is over. But there is so much more to it than that.

THEOLOGICALLY, it is a wonder – For God so loved the world that He gave his One and Only Son. This is the subject of our preaching over the next few weeks and Pastor Tim started it off wonderfully on Sun 2nd as we thought about the STUNNING LOVE OF GOD

PRACTICALLY too it is a real opportunity to show the love of God to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues at a time of year when people are more open to receive it.

EVANGELISTICALLY, it presents us with unique opportunities to share the gospel. So in NBC we try to cover all those bases – teaching the great truths of Christmas, encouraging us to serve at Christmas and then providing opportunities to reach out. So here are some ‘next steps for you before we get to Christmas Day.

 You may want to think about hosting a coffee morning in your home and inviting our friend Mitch in to share his story. This can be a simple non threatening way to introduce your friends to Jesus. If you want to think about this email him at or leave your details at the welcome desk

 Pass on the specially designed Christmas tract evangelistic leaflet to someone else

 Invite folks to our church over Christmas – especially the carol services on Sun 23 rd or even the Christmas Day dinner at 12.30 for anyone who needs company

 Follow the daily advent readings arranged for you

Have a great Advent Season!