Sermon Jam | I Dream of a Day


I was praying today and I was praying this week
I was asking the Lord
Lord, would you do this in our day?
Here’s what I dream of, here’s what we dream of

We dream of a people, God building a people, here
That go deep in prayer
That are brought to their knees in prayer
That are tired of sitting going through monotonous prayer
But find themselves
These people of God, in Newtownbreda, in 2017,
On their knees
And they are weeping before their God
Because they love him
And they’re pouring our their lives before Him in prayer

And we’ve a 24/7 prayer room,
I dream of a day where we have a prayer room that is open all day long
And it’s packed with people
And there is people queing up from the community to get into this prayer room
Because they are going deep in the presence of God

I dream of a day when not only do we go deep in prayer, we’ll go deep in worship
That worship will no longer just be a few songs on a Sunday but with our lives
As we sacrifice, as we offer, as we honour God with everything
We worship Him

Every. Single. Moment.

I dream of a day when God will continue to take us deeper into His word
And we will love this book
And we will turn off the TV channels
And we will set down the remotes
And we will pick up this book
And we will treasure it
And we will go deep into it
And we will let it become that which speaks into our life every single day
Because we love it and we love the God of this word

I dream of a day when we will see the unrestricted flow of the Spirit in our midst
Wnd whatever the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity, wants to do in our lives
No longer will we have hard hearts, no, we will respond to messages
Because God is building a community of people who are completely open to the power of the Spirit

I dream of a day that God would build a community of faith that continues to sacrifice
I had this image this week, maybe you think this is crazy, but I had this image this week
Of someone who has a top of the range car that he doesn’t really need
Because of his love for the Lord Jesus Christ and because of what Christ is doing
And the need that is before us, he goes in and trades in his car for an old banger that gets him from A to B
And he drives to the church with the money sitting beside him in the passenger seat
And he puts it at the feet of the people here and he says
I give it to the Kingdom and the Glory of God

I dream of extravagant sacrifice

Where we are sacrificing and honouring God
And downsizing
And offering Him our best

I not only dream of God building that type of depth here
But I dream of God taking us wide
Into the schools
Into our assemblies
A mighty movement of the Spirit down this street
Into Breda Academy, up into the Four Winds
Into Cairnshill, up to Lagan College
Down to Wellington, into Methody
All of the schools, all of the school children
That God would move by His Spirit in the schools
As he takes this people, this group of believers here, wide

I dream of a day when we are a people who are built into a people who live on mission
Where we’re on the streets 24/7
Where we’re on the streets every single day
And people are walking past and people are driving past
And they are hearing about Christ
And they are seeing Christ

I dream of a day where the worship of God is so central here
Where the atmosphere of God is so precious and so thick
That people can’t even walk past without sensing God is here
People are driving down the carriageway and they cannot resist turning off
And coming into the village
Because the presence of Christ is here
And the nations are coming
And the city which was once a war zone is now a worship zone
Because Jesus is right at the centre
Because the people of God have gone deep
And now they are going wide

I dream of the next 100 years or 400 years or 500 years
Of Belfast being won for Christ
Because a group of people
Even though they were fearful
And even though they were defensive
Or even though they were tempted to shrink back in fear
In 2017, they said
We hear the word of the Lord tonight
And our God is the Lord Almighty
And he will be with us
And he will richly provide
And when we hear His voice saying go
Let me build that type of people here
They go
They work
They offer
And they put Him first
In the midst of their fears

And they offer Him everything