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So we come to the climax of the Advent season. The coming into the world of Christ. To those of us who are Christians, it is remarkable, incredible, mind blowing. Yet to many others it is all nonsense.

“Even though the fact of Jesus virgin birth is clearly and concisely stated in Scripture, the unconverted mind of sinful humanity, as with all essential doctrines of the Christian faith, RESISTS EMBRACING THE TRUTH OF HIS UNIQUE BIRTH” (“God In The Manger” by John MacArthur)

So let us do two things………..

WORSHIP – the king. Take time to read over the carols personally, thinking
about each line. Sing them; listen to them. (by the way Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or All I want for Christmas are not carols – they are songs. Just saying!) Read the birth narratives; read a book or part of a book on the
Incarnation (such as MacArthur’s quoted above); have an extra prayer time or two. Rejoice that “God so loved the world that he gave his One and Only

WITNESS – why not invite someone to the carol services or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services? Give them one of the little, specially prepared “God So Loved…” leaflets to read.

Looking forward to it! And when advent is over and the season draws to its
inevitable end, why not commit to FOLLOW in 2019. The details of that initiative are coming soon. Blessings!!