Encounter Week

Newtownbreda BaptistOne Thing

We are nearly at the end of our ONE THING season. Congratulations on making it this far. What a fantastic few weeks we have enjoyed together as a church in the word and worship and many have commented on how encouraging it has been for them.

Here is what one person wrote recently:

“Absolutely loving the one thing series, it has encouraged me in my own walk with God to be consistent with my time with him, to pray more, to memorise scripture, and to sing songs to Him wherever I am! (Love the Spotify playlist). As a church we are so blessed to be able to walk through the Psalms together and for those who are preaching and teaching us they are doing an incredible job. If I have missed a Sunday service I love catching up and listening to what they have had to say about the particular Psalm we have been reading. The Holy Spirit is so evidently moving in Newtownbreda. This series has even encouraged my husband and I to begin at the start of the psalms and work our way through them together. Thank you all for encouraging us as a church to pursue God and for all the endless work you do.”

So let’s be encouraged to finish well You will be blessed by attending the ONE THING ENCOUNTER WEEK

This coming week Pablo Murphy will be preaching on Sunday and then we will be gathering Tues – Thurs from 7.30 pm for a chance to listen to the word and worship and pray. Pablo will again lead us on those nights and we approach them with expectation. Make sure also that you finish the last week of devotional readings in the psalms. All of this together should cause us to be closer to the presence of God.

The Christian life is never meant to be merely mechanical – a form of therapeutic moralism – it is meant to be an ongoing, developing, growing relationship with the Lord. So pursue his presence

Be blessed this week.