Do you really know him?

Newtownbreda BaptistOne Thing

As we move into the second half of ONE THING it is our hope that you are encountering God in fresh
ways, especially through our readings and sermon series. A second hand experience of God is not
good enough – it has to be an ongoing daily personal relationship. I was very challenged by reading
again the quote in our devotional booklet

“Many people say, ‘Lord, look at all the impressive things I did for you, the churches I built, the
miracles I performed, the injustices I fought’. But he will simply look each one of us deep in the
eyes and distil everything we’ve ever said and thought and done down into a single question:

“Did we ever know each other?” (See Matthew 7 v23)

(Dirty Glory – Pete Greig)

Do you really know him? That’s the point. On Sunday 21 st we saw the blessings of forgiveness in
Psalm 32 and the inherent dangers in trying to ignore our sin. We saw this also in Psalm 51 in our
evening service when Dave Gordon taught us from David’s prayer of repentance after his awful sin
with Bathsheba and Uriah her husband. Confessing our sin promptly, clearly and honestly is
necessary for a close walk with God.
Our readings this week took us to Psalms 77, 84, 86, 90 and 91. The prayer watches continued. After
one hour in the prayer room one member said “Wow where did that time go?” The presence of God
was so real. Another member saw a definite change in her family as a result of a prayer watch. If you
haven’t yet been along to a lunchtime prayer watch (12-1), why not try it this week?
Maybe you have been praying intentionally during this time. We haven’t heard much but we would
love to hear about it or anything to do with ONE THING

Please also do plan to attend the Encounter Week. It is not far away. As well as the Sunday ministry
we will have special nights on Tues-Thurs 20-22 nd November. Its going to be good
Be Blessed this week