Be Like Daniel

Newtownbreda BaptistOne Thing

And so we come to the very last blog of our ONE THING season. What a great last week it has been. We were so blessed with the ministry of Pablo Murphy on Sunday looking at Psalm 5 and then at Daniel 3. In the morning we were reminded that often we come to a pause in life – when God doesn’t seem to be doing anything . Yet in those moments we have to trust him all the more. Again we learnt the value of pursuing God. In the evening service, we were reminded of how our culture resembles ancient Babylon. We can only make a difference if we are the men and women of God in our generation – as Daniel was in his.

Let us determine to be like that.

Encounter Week was just great. Pablo led us through 3 psalms – psalms 8, 139 and 23 and our hearts were encouraged and challenged as we looked at those wonderful passages in depth. Many people testified to how they were helped by those meetings. Lots of corporate prayer, and personal prayer and the prayer stations helped us focus on some significant things that God had done for us in Christ and helped us focus on his wonderful character. Many people came for all three nights and many found help through prayer ministry also.

So if you missed these meetings you really did miss something very special in our church’s history.

What now? Keep going. Someone said to me today. “I’m really going to miss reading the psalms. The daily devotionals have been so helpful” But then wisely they said they have decided to go back and read the psalms we didn’t cover in our daily devotions. You can do that. You can get involved in our Christmas programme to make it the greatest Christmas we have ever experienced here in NBC. Whatever you do though, keep pursuing God and leaning hard upon him.