As The Deer Pants For Streams Of Water

Newtownbreda BaptistOne Thing

We are now 3 weeks into ONE THING and it has been a massive blessing. Last Sunday morning we looked together at Psalm 42 and we saw that, though the psalmist was downcast, he was still seeking God, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Just as a deer was longing for water – so he was pursuing God.

In that message we looked at the drinking habits of deer which was interesting as the psalmist deliberately drew on that picture to explain his desire for God. It was encouraging to hear many people say how much they were blessed and helped by that message. Praise God!
It has been a blessing as a church to be reading the same psalm together each day in our devotions. This past week we looked at Psalms 28,32,37,38 and 40. We also had another significant half night of prayer on Wed night, when we looked at the attributes of God and Gary also brought us a stirring message encouraging us to get right into our Bibles. It has also been good to have people joining in our prayer watches each day Mon- Fri from 12-1 . These times are times of watching over the church – like sentries looking out for danger and the attacks of the enemy. These will continue each weekday and if you can join us. If you can’t, but you pray somewhere else, then please let us know with a quick email to

If there is anything else you need to know about ONE THING just use that address also.

Don’t forget this week to think about the spiritual disciplines. Think about fasting this week – either skipping meals or fasting from social media or television or anything else, in order to have more time to pursue God.

Be blessed this week