NBC Kids

Our kids’ ministries happen throughout the week for children ages 0 – Y9 |


Monday (boys) and Tuesday (girls) at 6.45pm (age 4 – P6) and at 8pm (P7 – Y9).
This is our uniformed organisation for children of all ages to enjoy games, crafts, practical tasks and Bible teaching. We realise the importance of teaching children from a young age about their identity and worth. Campaigners kids enjoy time spent in God’s word as well as learning important values for everyday life.

Parents and Tots

Friday from 10.30am – 12pm.
This is our Friday morning get together for all parents and guardians to bring their tots for fun and community. The tots engage in craft and play and get to enjoy some nursery rhymes and songs, along with their favourite part of the morning – SNACK TIME! It has proven to be the adults’ favourite time too, as they enjoy a fresh scone with jam and cream and a cuppa.

Kids Connect

Our Sunday Children’s Ministry at 11am.


This runs during our Sunday morning service from 11 – 12.15am for age 0 – 2. A mixture of play, stories, songs and a wonderful way for our children to be introduced into church life. Our volunteers are dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming environment for our babies and Tots.

Kids’ Praise

Our aim is to engage children in worship of God, through song and prayer and to enable kids to meet with God in a very real and personal way, encouraging them to sing their wee hearts out to God and to talk to him on an intimate level.
Explorers (3 – P1)
Adventurers (P2 – P4)
Discoverers (P5 – P7)
The children split into their age groups for some Bible teaching, memory work and arts and crafts.
Our aim is to introduce the next generation to Jesus, the help them grow in their faith and equip them to share Jesus with others, impacting their lives so that they will grow up to be a generation of fully devoted Christ followers.


Friday evenings for ages P1 – P5 |

An exciting evening for kids from P1 – P5! We meet from 7- 8pm and have a variety of different activities including Big games, Wee games, singing, stories, drama and arts and crafts! It’s a great way for kids to make friends and a perfect start to the weekend!

Friday Night Live

Friday evenings for ages P6 – Year 8

A brilliant evening for kids from P6 – Y8! We meet together at 8pm on Fridays and have a range of nights e.g. Hunt the Leader, Movie Night, Fear Factor and lots more! A great night of music, sports, games and relaxing! Plus a lot of sweets!




Sunday evenings for ages 12 – 18 |

On Sunday nights our aim is teach young people important truths from the Bible that will help them grow in their relationships with God.
A typical Sunday night will include praise, drama, opportunities to pray, group work and teaching.
The team aims to present the truths of the Bible in a way that will challenge and help them in their daily lives.


Friday evenings for ages 12 – 18 |

Our purpose is to provide young people with a safe place where they can hangout, connect with other young people and have fun through themed nights, trips, sport and other activities.
Breakout desires to see young people make good choices in life and, most importantly, introduces them to Jesus through short epilogues and interaction with our team.


Saturday evenings for age 18’s only

Join us twice a month at the Johnston’s for food, fellowship and fun as we seek to find out what God has to say to an 18 year old through his word in Belfast 2017.
Our aim is to prepare the young people to make wise choices in adulthood on decision making, relationships, friendships, church, spending time and money, alcohol and clubbing, apologetics, world religions to name a few.



Extend Young Adults

Once a month for ages 18+ |

Extend usually meets on the last Sunday of every month after the evening service.
Our aim is to create a Gospel centred community of young adults who understand the power of prayer and the depth of relationship they can have with Jesus Christ.
We want our young adults to grow into faithful and prayerful disciples who are sold out for Christ.

Soul Ties

Thursday evenings for ages 15+ |

Soul Ties exists to help women to connect in community and to grow in their faith.
We do this through our meeting once a month on the first Thursday of every month. From 7:30-8:30pm we meet in a large group to join together in worship and to hear from some amazing speakers. Following this, we also have smaller study groups that meet from 8:30-9:30pm to discuss various topics of the Christian life from a woman’s point of view.
Whether you’re 15 or 115 you are welcome to come to Soul Ties!


Once a month for ages 18+

The vision for the men’s ministry at NBC is to ‘build a movement of Godly men‘ at home, at work and at play’.
Our desire is to see men lead with Godly character and integrity in their homes, workplaces and social environments.
We want to encourage men to grow deeper in their walk with God and to build community with one another. This in turn will enable us to have a greater impact in our wider community.
If you have any questions or comments please email or click the button below.


Our seniors ministries happen throughout the week

Seniors Ministry is a comprehensive and varied programme for all Seniors.

Monday Morning Men (MMM)
Mondays at 10.15am – Fellowship, Outings & Bible Study
Bright Hour
Tues at 2.15pm (1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month) – Fellowship meeting with a variety of Speakers & Singers.
60’s Plus
Thurs at 10.30am (Twice monthly) – Varied Programme including many Outings.
Easter & Harvest Musical Outreach Programmes.