Miles Away

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In John 4, we read that Jesus is able to transform lives, even those who are miles away from him. A Royal official comes to Jesus who is in Cana, and tells him that his son is sick back home in Capernaum. The text tells us that the official, “went to Jesus and begged him to come and heal his son, who was close to death” (John 4v47). And then Jesus did something magnificent. He simply told the man that his son would live. When the man returned home, he found his son was alive, healed of his sickness, and fully recovered. What’s more, the boy had been healed at the exact time Jesus had spoken the words “your son will live”.

Jesus didn’t have to travel to heal this boy. Jesus didn’t need the boy to travel to him. Jesus is able to say the word, and touch lives that are miles away from him.

Now this boy was physically miles from Jesus. But some of your friends are spiritually miles from Christ. Maybe they have walked far from the things of God and it seems impossible to think of them coming back to Christ. John tells us however that no one is too far for Jesus to reach. I hope you know that as you pray for your friends this week. I encourage you to pray in faith this week. Declare the truth of who Jesus is and what He is able to do over the lives of your friends. Pray that even though they might be far from Christ right now, that in these days Jesus might touch their lives – bringing healing, help and life to their souls!

Last summer, one of our mission teams was ministering up in North Belfast. One evening I popped up to visit the team, and upon return to my car, a lady stumbled out of a pub completely drunk. She started shouting at me, “Hey! Are you driving somewhere?” I said, “Yes, I’m driving home.” The next thing I knew she was sitting in the passenger seat of my car. I looked at her and said, “buckle up!”. On the way to her house I started sharing Jesus with her and she began to cry. And I mean really cry! She wept. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was on the verge of suicide, addicted to drink, and far from any relationship with God. She said, “I had a terrible night in the pub, and came out to take to take my life, and here you are telling me about Jesus.” I told her the story of the prodigal son, and how the son had drifted far away from the father, but the father ran after him and restored him back to fellowship with him. “You are that child” I said, “and even though you have drifted far from God, you have a heavenly father who wants to bring you home to him.” She got out of the car, went into her home, and the next day we were able to follow up with her. Through a long series of events she was able to attend a Christian rehab centre and her life has begun to change. That night, in North Belfast, there was a woman who was miles away from Jesus. But no one is too far for him to reach. And that night Jesus literally saved her life! Saved her from suicide, touched her deeply, and began to change her life.

Let’s pray this week that the Jesus we read of in John 4, and the Jesus we saw touching lives in North Belfast last summer, might walk through our land in these days, touching many lives who are far from him. Keep praying, keep declaring the truth of who Christ is over the lives of your friends, and keep trusting that Christ is able to transform lives, even those who are miles from him.

‘Next steps’:

  • Keep praying each day for your 3 friends using your prayer journal
  • Keep reading through the 1000 Lives Reading Plan on page 5 of your prayer journal (M: John 4v27-42, T: John 4v43-54, W: John 5v1-15, Th: John 5v16-30, Fr: John 5v31-46)
  • Come pray with us at one of our prayer watches this week (M-F: 8-9am, 1-2pm, 8-9pm)
  • Join us this Sunday @ 11am & 7pm as we begin teaching through John – our series is Called ‘1000 Lives – touched by the person and power of Jesus!’