From Death To Life!

Newtownbreda Baptist1000 Lives

On Sunday past we spent time considering John’s second sign. In this amazing story, Jesus touches a young boy’s life and transforms death into life. The boy is sick, about to pass away, and something incredible happens next. The Father of this little boy enters the presence of Jesus, and in that place pleads for mercy. And in stunning power Jesus, without even having to leave where He is and travel to be physically beside the boy, speaks words of life and rescues this boy from death.

But that’s not the end of the story! Not only does Jesus physically save a little boy’s life, but he saves the Father and his whole household spiritually! What the little boy experienced physically, the whole household experienced spiritually – Jesus has the power to rescue those who are dying and transform death into life!

We have seen this stunning power of Jesus at work in our midst over the last 3 weeks. At a Breakout Weekend two weeks ago, 14-15 young people responded to the message of Christ and placed their faith in Jesus! Transformed from death to life!

One of the young people saved at that weekend went into her school and told her friends about Jesus. She invited one of those friends to Breakout the next weekend and that friend last Friday night trusted in Christ for salvation! Transformed from death to life by Jesus!

One of the members of our church who works in a hospital had the privilege of leading a man to Christ at his bedside last week. Another man from our church saw 4 young lives trust in Christ at a meeting in the last few days. More people transformed by Jesus from death to life!

And so the question is this – will you, like the Father in John 4, run into the presence of Jesus this week and plead for your friends and loved ones who are dead spiritually? Will you draw near to him in prayer and “beg” (John 4v47) the one who has stunning power and supernatural ability to save lives and bring life where there once was death?

The Saviour who walked on the streets of Cana and Capernaum is walking by His Spirit on these streets too. The Saviour who spoke words of life over those who were dying in Galilee is speaking words of life in these days too. I urge you to run into Christ’s amazing presence this day and plead with Him to move in mighty power, flooding lives with grace, and transforming those lives from death to life!

Next Steps:

  • Continue praying each day for your 3 friends using your prayer journal
  • Continue studying the person and power of Jesus as we read through John together this week (M: John 7v14-24, T: John 7v25-44, W: John 7v45-52, Th: John 8v1-11, Fr: John 8v12-30)
  • Join us in prayer at one of our prayer watches this week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 8-9am, 1-2pm, Thursday & Friday: 8-9am, 1-2pm & 8-9pm)
  • Sign up for our St Patricks Night Celebration on 17th March at St Anne’s Cathedral with the New Irish Orchestra & Special Guests – an evening of music, culture and celebration. Roger Carswell will be sharing the good news that night. Please come and invite your friends. You can buy your ticket and one for your friends at
  • Finally, keep Sun 18th Feb free in the evening @ 7pm – we have an amazing life story night with Barry Woodward, an ex heroin addict who met Jesus and is on fire for Jesus! Please bring your friends!