Bring Them Home

Newtownbreda Baptist1000 Lives

Over Christmas I watched the movie ‘Dunkirk’. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a dramatisation of the incredible rescue of 400,000 trapped troops from the beaches of Northern France in May 1940. The troops are trapped. The enemy is coming for them. They face certain death. They desperately need to be rescued.

Winston Churchill plans an amazing rescue mission. He sends hundreds of little boats that belong to normal men and women from the south coast of England, over to France to rescue the troops.

In the movie, one character for me stands out. Mr Dawson, a retired gentleman from Dover, sails his little boat to go rescue the troops. He doesn’t have much. He is not in the navy. He doesn’t own a submarine. But he does what he can. And he uses what is at his disposal – his little boat. It takes courage, commitment, and a sense of call – he goes at the command of his Prime Minister who is orchestrating a magnificent rescue mission. And so Mr Dawson sets sail, and when he reaches France, he fills his boat with as many allied troops as he can. When one of the young soldiers climbs onto Mr Dawson’s boat, he says, “Take me home!” Mr Dawson sails them home. The troops are saved. Rescued. Set Free. And along with hundreds of other little boats, packed with rescued soldiers, Mr Dawson plays his part in rescuing 400,000 troops. Dunkirk will go down in history as one the of the greatest rescue missions of all time. And it happened with heroes like Mr Dawson doing all he could!

This week I have enjoyed reading our 1000 Lives Reading Plan, and as we have read through John 1 it struck me that Jesus orchestrated an even more magnificent rescue mission than Dunkirk. People without God, trapped by the enemy, in desperate need of rescue became the object of Christ’s mission. And in John 1 Jesus uses normal people like Andrew to go rescue people and bring them home to Jesus! Andrew didn’t have much to offer. He was probably just a normal guy like you or me. But John 1 v 41-42 notes, “The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, ‘We have found the Messiah (that is the Christ).’ And he brought him to Jesus!” I love that! Andrew does what Mr Dawson did. He demonstrates courage, commitment and a sense of call – he goes at the command of his Saviour Jesus Christ who is orchestrating truly the greatest rescue mission the world has ever seen. Andrew did all he could to rescue those who needed to be set free. He simply went to those who needed rescued and brought them back to Jesus.

As you pray for your 3 friends who don’t yet know Jesus, remember that they are desperately in need of rescue. They are trapped by the enemy and are longing for freedom. But the good news is this – Jesus Christ is orchestrating a magnificent rescue mission. And he’s looking for normal people like Andrew, and Mr Dawson, like you and me, to each play our part and go bring people to freedom in Jesus.

Keep praying this week. Keep asking God to give you courage. And commitment. And a sense of His call. Keep your eyes fixed on Him. And together we pray that we all might be part of a magnificent rescue mission in our day where Jesus Christ sets 1000 lives free and brings them “home”!

‘Next steps’:

  • Pray each day this week for your 3 friends using your 1000 Lives Prayer Journal (pick one up at NBC if you haven’t done so already)
  • Sign up for a slot in our 24×7 prayer week this week, or pop into the church during the day to pray in our prayer room
  • Gather with us this Wednesday evening for Corporate Prayer & Praise @ 8pm as we submit 1000 Lives to the Lord and ask Him to do mighty things in Breda, Belfast & Beyond!
  • Continue reading our 1000 Lives Reading Plan this week (M: John 2v1-12, T: John 2v13-25, W: John 3v1-21, Th: John 3v22-36, F: John 4v1-26)