1000 Lives Begins

Newtownbreda Baptist1000 Lives

It’s a familiar image to those of us in NBC – that of a waterfall picturing the amazing, never ending love of God. Just as the water rolls, cannot be stopped, and continually overflows, so the love of God for all peoples is unceasing.

Today marks a significant day in our church – for today not only is the start of a new year, but it is also the start of 1000 lives! And as we pray each day for the next 3 months, for 3 of our friends who don’t yet know Jesus, it is amazing to think of God’s never ending love for every single one of our 3 friends and every single one of those 1000 lives – it is like a waterfall! He made them, He knows them, and He loves them forever. The writer of Psalm 117 put it this way, ‘Great is His Love towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!’

I pray that these next 3 months would be wonderful for you – that as you go deeper in prayer, serve your friends, and then invite them to come hear about the love of Jesus, that they would come to the foot of the waterfall and be overwhelmed by the amazing love and faithfulness of our God – for it is unceasing!

‘Next steps’:

  • Pray today for your 3 friends using your 1000 lives prayer journal
  • Study the person and power of Jesus this week as we begin our reading plan through John (M: John 1v1-18, T: John 1v19-28, W: John 1v29-34, Th: John 1v35-42, Fr: John 1v43-51)
  • Come be encouraged and equipped at our 1000 lives Prayer Conference on Sat 6th Jan @ 9.30am