100 Days

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Five churches in Belfast (Willowfield, CFC, Orangefield Presbyterian, Ulster temple and Newtownbreada Baptist) have a dream of uniting in 100 Days of prayer for a Great Awakening in Our Souls, City and Land.

There are exactly 100 days between 1st January and Good Friday 2020. During these first 100 days of the new decade, we dream of seeing a generation on its Knees, crying out for ‘A Great Awakening’.

In January we will be praying for

A Great Awakening in Our Souls

In February we will be crying out to God for

A Great Awakening in Our City

In March we will be praying for

A Great Awakening in Our Land

Prayer Journal

Over these 100 days we are encouraging you as an individual to use the 100 day prayer journal. The prayer journal can be picked up from the foyer on Sundays. An online version can be downloaded and saved by clicking the link below.

100 Days Booklet

24/7 Prayer Week

Each church will host a 24/7 prayer week once per month from January to April. Newtownbreda’s 24/7 weeks of prayer are:

5th – 12th January

2nd – 9th February

1st – 8th March

Our prayer house will be open to pray 24/7 on these weeks.

Corporate Nights of Prayer and Worship

In addition to this, there will be 2 corporate nights of prayer and worship when all of the churches involved will gather together.

Wednesday 8 January | Night of prayer and worship, Belfast City Hall, 8PM

Wednesday 19 February | Day 50 Night of prayer and worship, St Anne’s Cathedral, 8PM

Facebook Page

To keep up to date with all that is happening throughout the 100 Days of Prayer please ‘like’ the Facebook Page here.